We all have a desire to live full, rich lives - yet sometimes there is something that  stands in the way...

 Together we work to create a safe space to begin exploring what's been happening in your life that is causing difficulties. When we become wrapped up in stuck patterns it is often connection with others that we need most, yet this is what is difficult to maintain.

At Insight Psychotherapy + Consulting we help people find freedom in their minds and lives again using a curated model grounded in mindfulness-based, EMDR-aided, trauma and attachment therapy.  We firmly believe in each person's ability to heal from patterns and memories that cause so much pain. Our work focuses on helping people find more meaning, peace, and vibrancy in their lives. 

If you are a Post 9/11 Veteran or a Veteran who has experienced military-related sexual assault, you qualify for confidential, unlimited, free services. Please explore the Veterans Services page to get started!

We specialize in working with people who are experiencing:

  • anxiety

  • panic

  • depression

  • trauma +PTSD

  • feelings of abandonment

  • managing stress

  • performance anxiety

  • separation anxiety

  • early childhood trauma

  • borderline personality disorder/traits

  • difficulty working with emotions

  • sexual assault and domestic assault survivors

  • addictions

  • adult children of alcoholic and addicted parent

  • grief and loss

  • chronic illness

  • auto-immune illness

  • traumatic brain injury

  • combat trauma

  • impulsivity

  • anger

  • shame

  • guilt

  • highly sensitive people (HSP)

  • feeling checked out and dissociative disorders

  • mood disorders

  • relationship difficulties

Meet Our Therapists

Lyndsey Lee Headshot 2018.jpg

Lyndsey Ryan MA, LPC, LAC, EMDR-II

Lyndsey specializes in a neuroscience and somatic approach to distress related to high stress events, trauma, and difficulties in relationships.

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Mark DuMars, MS, MA, LPCC

Mark specializes in counseling and group services offered by a Veteran with over 45 years of experience helping veterans and civilians through major trauma, substance abuse, life transitions, spiritual inquiries, suicide attempts and natural disasters.


Gertie Breffle MA, LPCc, MST

Gertie specializes in body-based movement, Wilderness Therapy, EFT Couples Therapy, Family Therapy, and trauma resolution


Paula De Oliveira Santo, MA

Paula specializes in art therapy to expand client's imaginal space, thus creating a space of healing beyond words. She applies Jungian art therapy into sessions, where shadow work and metaphor work is welcomed into the healing process.